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Image of folded wraps of various colours and patterns with a handout and magazine in front

C & baby F

Zoe is a very kind, friendly, knowledgeable and patient teacher. She has given me to confidence I needed. I'm very happy to have met her and so pleased to have started my sling journey with my little baby.  The best part of sling wearing for me and my babe is the closeness it brings. I feel absolutely happy with my little one close to my heart.


Zoe’s sling passion and expertise is infectious. She’s not preachy, pompous or dogmatic about slings - she just lets the sling itself, and her enthusiasm, shine through.  We loved our session learning how to use a wrap sling.  Zoe keeps things helpfully clear and simple throughout.  It helps even more that Zoe has been there and done it with her own kids; we also benefitted from her broader experience beyond slings!  Thank you Zoe



I booked a 1:1 with Zoe in order to nail my Double Hammock back carry.  Zoe was super friendly and knowledgeable with a lovely selection of wraps to play with.  By the end of the session, I felt confident to DH successfully on my own and also got some brilliant little tweaks that have made all the difference to my Ruck and Ring Sling carries.  For anyone who is serious about babywearing, a face to face with Zoe picking up on those little pointers that make all the difference to different carries is worth hours of YouTube tutorials. 

K & bump

I recently had a one to one sling consultation with Zoe and found it immensely helpful. I had always known I wanted to use a sling when my little one arrived but with the huge variety available and having never used one before, found it useful to talk through the process with Zoe. 

We discussed the benefits of sling carrying along with the different ways to carry in the slings that I had/was considering buying, how to feed whilst wearing a sling etc. Zoe also illustrated what she was explaining with various slings that she had available, so you could really understand and see the process in person. Just being able to talk to someone who is so knowledgable in the area was really helpful and gave me the confidence to start using the sling as soon as possible after my little boy arrived. 

I headed for the first time when he was 5 days old in my stretchy wrap and I felt comfortable and secure with my little one snuggled so close. We have used it every day since; he loves being in it and I love being able to get out and keep active whilst having my baby secure and safe. 

Thanks again Zoe.

L & baby E 

Such a fantastic course, I loved trying the different wraps and was so chuffed to have got E safely in the wrap too :) Thank you both. I'm so excited to try and even more so to look into buying my first woven wrap :)

To be honest I wasn't sure how I'd take to a woven especially as I was beginning to feel quite uncomfortable in a stretchy as it was becoming quite a faff and bouncy to carry my nearly 5mo in, but the idea of a woven is so exciting :) you've completely changed my view on them. 


S & baby J  

Thank you for a great workshop. I learnt loads and will definitely be investing in a woven soon. Really great demos of how to do the different wraps, thanks for a good afternoon (and for getting Juniper to sleep in the wrap whilst I was there! Great way to show the power of the wrap off!)


S & B 

We really enjoyed the opportunity to get more info on the pros and cons of the different slings, as well as try them on with weighted dolls and really take the time to look at the different options and work out which one was right for us. 

As well has getting more information on the fourth trimester, we learnt which types of slings we preferred and what suited body shapes etc. It has definitely enabled us to make a more educated choice when it comes to the first sling we buy! 

It  was very good value for money - the information as well as the personal attention makes it a really useful workshop. We will probably need a reminder by looking at the handouts and videos but it was good to take the time to try it out and therefore has given me more confidence and I will definitely appreciate the one to one visit once the baby is born for extra reassurance/checking! 

L & E

I enjoyed really clear instruction on how to safely carry Emmy in a position that she and I love.  It felt like a really relaxed environment but with loads of information that was useful and a good clear focus.

I learnt one carry in detail which is exactly what I was hoping to do.  I also learnt about the possibility of other carries and was introduced to some of the different sorts of wraps and carries, including using a ring.  I also had loads of info to go home with to browse, put me in touch with local groups and learn more.  

The handout was a highlight for me - at first it seems like a lot but over time unpacking it all, it is really useful and I'm loving browsing the wraps and different carries. Thanks again for a fab workshop.  


I arranged to have a one-on-one sling consultation with Zoe to troubleshoot my use of the Caboo carrier and to also try out a couple of soft structured carriers to see if my baby and I preferred those. Zoe was very knowledgeable about all the slings she carried and gave me some good advice on using the Caboo. As such I felt much more confident in carrying my daughter. I found the session very helpful and would recommend to anyone daunted by babywearing and all the options available.


E & D

Thank you for the back carrying workshop. It made me feel more confident about being out and about back carrying as I had strangely been feeling a little self conscious carrying a smaller baby on my back (although was doing it at home without a thought). 

Some excellent tips and helpful advice and I also just like listening and chatting with other Mother's of like minded approaches.

What did you particularly enjoy about the workshop? It was as always very helpful with hints and tips in a relaxed informal learning environment. 

What do you feel you learned today?

'What a good seat is' was well explained as I know I had misunderstood this term and the link attached on the handout was helpful to recap.

Do you think the price represented good value for money? Yes and the 10% discount having already been on a workshop was bonus.

Did you find the venue comfortable, suited to the workshop size etc?

Venue was great and the cakes were amazing!

Do you feel confident leaving the workshop to try a secure hip scoot and ruck? Yes

Do you feel confident to apply your learnings to other carries? Yes I am very excited about trying different carries with a woven as my baby grows.


Sorry it has taken me sooo long to complete this! Thanks for the workshop it was great, I only wish I’d done it sooner. Wrapping is great for Thea and Holly. 

Thea and I had definitely outgrown the Ergo original - too small panel. She loves being in a wrap. 

Holly (4) also absolutely loves it, bless her. She is my test subject for back carries! As she will stay still. 

What did you particularly enjoy about the workshop?

Very relaxed atmosphere. Information was presented at a good pace and the presenters did an excellent job of making sure all he participants were able to take in the information slowing down and repeating where needed. It was very practical so the information stuck.

What do you feel you learned today?

How to successfully tie a front carry. The basics about types of slings and fabrics. I understand about how to tighten by pulling different bits of the fabric. Making a seat for baby and pinning the fabric. I got an understanding of some of the “terminology “ - rails, passes etc. 


Do you feel confident leaving the workshop to try a FWCC?

Yes - and I didn’t have a wrap for two weeks after and the information was still well ingrained.

O & G & baby F

We had Zoe over for a private consultation and it was 100% the best decision.  She poured out wisdom, tips and enthusiasm from the moment she stepped through the front door.  Literally every minute was made to count.  Zoe is super knowledgeable and passionate about sling wearing and shes incredibly down to earth, non-pretentious and supportive in how she works.  Thank you so so much for your time.  

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the woven workshop on Saturday - met some lovely people and learned a lot about wovens!  I've actually now just bought my very first wrap (Oscha starry night Maya) and I'm going to be practising.

G & baby O

We had a brilliant session on learning to back carry in a woven with Zoe. There were lots of chances to practice getting him up on  my back and it's really helped my confidence and improved my general wrapping. Zoe had lots of helpful tips and was brilliant at showing me different techniques. Really useful and enjoyable session. 

H & baby Z

I really enjoyed the workshop and the intro to the world of wovens! I've tried the wrap a few times (thank you again for the lend) and it's feeling more intuitive each time. Z has fallen asleep a couple of times in it, bless. 

Thanks so much for such a great workshop, I really feel a lot clearer on what I want to do now and am looking forward to using a stretchy once baby is born. I liked the warm welcome and the informal information given, it was detailed and not too overwhelming. and I learned that it's not as hard and as complicated to use a wrap properly.


I really enjoyed the workshop and I think I'll definitely come back to do a woven one. I enjoyed the small group and friendly atmosphere, as well as the hands-on aspect - definitely much more helpful than just watching videos online! I liked that it was in a 'homely' atmosphere, and the course was definitely value for money, in terms of the personal attention. I do think I know the safety aspects of how to carry safely. It was a very good general overview of carrying. I really appreciated all the information you gave me, it was fab to get home and flick through it all again. I think husband is also convinced, hopefully!

All in all, the course was the highlight of my weekend! 


L & P - back carrying skills session oct 2017

Had a brilliantly informative and fun workshop with Zoe. Feel much more confident attempting back carries after some hands on practice. I had previously back carried but only with a toddler who could hang on and follow instructions. Now I can back and hip carry my 6 month old the possibilities are endless! I would recommend these lovely ladies and their workshops to anyone new to carrying or after a refresher! 


Ellie & baby M

 It was a great experience having Zoe as a sling consultant. As a second time mum it was really important to be hands free and comfortable. Zoe guided me through a range of suitable slings and gave me more confidence about the safety of wearing my baby and how best to use particular slings I was interested in. I now feel more confident wearing my new born due to Zoe's advice. I can really recommend her service or even give a sling  consultancy as a gift to a new mum. It is well worth it. 

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