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Woven Wrap Review - Jacq & Rose, Tri Blue Tang

Katie from Jacq and Rose visited us at the Surrey Hills Sling Social "Wrappers Delight" meet in October.

We hold these each month at All Saints Church cafe in Leatherhead.

Quite a few carrying consultants attend, it is open to all to come along in a relaxed environment to chat and there is always a great selection of wraps to play with.

Photo credit Katherine - Carrying Stories and Surrey Hills Sling Social

Katie bought with her a selection of wraps, all unreleased. The Tri series Oceanic Collection of Coral, Blue and Teal were a preorder than hasn't landed yet. She also bought with her some other designs too.

Photo credit Katherine - Carrying Stories and Surrey Hills Sling Social

Initially I wasn't taken with the design, which is triangles in rows horizontally and vertically, getting larger and larger towards the bottom. However once seeing it wrapped with, it really comes alive! It does a mean slip-knot too!

This is what the release info stated:

"Tri Blue Tang is woven with a bright sapphire blue combed cotton weft on an ecru warp. This stunning blue wrap is named after the beautiful Regal Blue Tang found on various reefs around the world, a fish made popular by a recent Walt Disney film. However unlike that character, you won’t forget this wrap in a hurry!"

The blue was less royal blue as it had looked in photos, more cornflower blue, softer almost, with the white coming through. The contrasting sides are stunning and these wraps really lend themselves to carries with flips.

Tri blue tang in a 3 then went on a tour of Surrey with Suzanne of Sling Stars, up to the Slingababy CPD weekend in Rugby where it drew a lot of attention! Then to me and then to Katherine of Carrying Stories.

Sleepy dust! Jude and I at Slingababy CPD

I used it for a week in a variety of carries. I particularly liked it for a kangaroo carry as it shows off the stunning constrasts of the sides yet feels very supportive in a one-layer carry with my 9m old. It was soft but held well, not too grippy either a great balance! Often I wrap in a rush so I rarely get perfect carries but this didn't budge. I love how it comes to life and looks like bunting in this image.

I did catch it on a broken finger nail which caused a small pull but this was rectified with a quick wash and iron. It is 100% combed cotton so is easy care, which is useful with a white sided wrap!

I was glad to read recently that Katie will be releasing the grey/lilac colourway that she brought with in the New Year. Everyone commented on how great a shade it was, depending on the light it looked more grey or more lilac or a little bit blue. A perfect jeans wrap.

Photo credit Katherine - Carrying Stories and Surrey Hills Sling Social

It is a middle weight wrap at approx 280g/m² and also medium price range. Size 2= £100, Size 3= £110, Size 4= £120, Size 5= £130, Size 6= £140, Size 7= £150.

Although the preorder is closed for the 3 colours released, some extras will be available once it's finished so if you like the look of this keep an eye out on their Facebook page!

Photo credit Katherine - Carrying Stories and Surrey Hills Sling Social

There are certainly some interesting colour ways and designs coming in the future and I look forward to seeing these. I was lucky to win a golden ticket for spotting and knowing Katie and her wraps at the Babyshow at Esher in September so it is safe to say a Jacq and Rose will live here one day.

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