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Woven Wrap Review - Supu, Flight -Teal Blaze

In November at Carry on London, a sling convention of sorts, I saw someone carrying a child with a Supu Woven Wrap on the stairs and said "Oooh Supu!!!", she was chuffed someone recognised the wrap, and introduced herself as Jess aka the creator of Supu. I introduced myself and said I thought the wrap was stunning and that I had seen one at Slingababy CPD session in October. She offered to send one for us to bring along to the Surrey Hills Sling Social Wrappers Delight meet and then said I could hold onto it for a bit over Christmas with the other libraries/socials being shut - result!!

Out of the bag, it was so soft and silky and really needs no breaking in at all. Jess said it hadn't been worn just washed. It feels almost silky in the hand and the weave has a ribbing to it which gives a real dimension to the wrap. The colour is so hard to describe I am not a fan of reds or browns at all yet the contrast of this wrap is amazing! The light really varied how it photographed too never really capturing it perfectly.

In fact I don't think you really notice that its reddy/browny coloured at all what strikes you is the amazing contrast. As Katherine (Carrying Stories & Surrey Hills Sling Social) said its because on the colour wheel the greens and reds are opposites. The teal is so shimmery and deep and goes with so many colours. I wore this wrap to the nursery nativity and many people commented how how stunning it was, people are used to seeing me with wraps and not always do they commented on but where ever we went with Flight Blaze drew peoples gaze and got plenty of lovely comments!

This was a size 5 and I could do a back double hammock with Jude aged 11m, tying at the front. It worked well in multi-layer carries although I would say it needed proper tightening otherwise would sag, so in single layered carries I did find I needed to re-tighten after a short period then it would be solid. It wasn't a grippy wrap so layers were fluid over each other making passes easy and it was lovely to knot.

Jess has also been so lovely throughout communicating fully and posting pictures on Supu Social the chatter group! We even used Teal Blaze at our Introduction to Wovens Workshop, and again it got many comments on the colours.

We took it along to the Wrappers Delight meet in December and once again drew comments! Supu certainly gained some fans in Surrey! We look forward to seeing what designs Jess will come up with next.

It is a middle weight wrap at 290 g/m²and made with 100% Egyptian combed cotton.

RS = £110, Size 3 = £122, Size 4 = £141, Size 5 = £156, Size 6 = £170, Size 7 = £187

You can find Supu online, their facebook page, and chatter group and on instagram.

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