• Zoe

Fun for all the family - featured on the Connecta Blog

Recently I wrote a short piece for Connecta about our family and carrying,

Here is the link: http://blog.connectababycarrier.com/blog/connecta-fun-for-all-the-family/

I was slightly hesitant to write a piece about our family and what we use. As a consultant I do not wish to endorse any one particular brand over another, This is not me saying these are THE best slings and everyone has to use them. What works for one person or one dynamic isn't necessarily going to work for another, It just so happens that the wonderful people of Connecta are local to us in Surrey and I have gotten to know them since being involved in the world of carrying and that these are the carriers that work well for my husband and I.

I always suggest you try on a carrier or sling before purchasing one just because its one someone else uses and gets on well with. Fit varies enormously between people, shoulder width, depth, angle, back width, depth, curvature, waist size, padding on our bodies, and these variations will impact how comfortable a sling or carrier will be for you. What works best will vary person to person and also as your child grows too,

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