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Woven Wrap Review - Rowan Bay, Chrysler

We were lucky to host 2 Rowan Bay woven wraps at the February Wrapper's Delight meet and I had a chance to use Chrysler for a few days prior to the session!

The wrap was soft and dense, similar in hand and wrapping to a Woven Wings American Quilt, The colour is stunning a blue/grey and mint green they complement each other so well and in fact changes depending on the light and what blues it is next to.

Being quite dense I found knotting it was a little bulky so I think rings or knotless finishes are great using this wrap. It was great in ruck, absolutely solid and very forgiving of a sloppy wrap job no need for precise tightening so its great for beginners or those who need to do a quick wrap job! I did use it in a double hammock and found it super comfy and cushy on the shoulders.

The branding is well thought out, and her new website looks fantastic, simple and clean, like the wraps themselves. I love the middle marker and the etched rings that I was lucky enough to win earlier in the year are stunning.

Larissa is an ecologist and wildlife gardener and that comes through. She is also an experienced wrapper herself so knows what qualities are important in a woven wrap. This is the other tester "Sorbus" which is the same colours and blend as "Chrysler" but less geometric in design.

In great company at the wrapping meet, with the other greys and blues wraps to try and capture the colour.

The wrap came with sleepy dust too, these images are over the space of about 1 minute!

It is a heavy weight wrap at 350gsm and a double weave made with 100% Egyptian combed cotton.

Larissa is crowdfunding see here for details of lots of offers including design your own wrap! From the prices on here of Diamond passes these are towards the higher end of the wrap market.

You can find Rowan Bay online, they have a facebook page and a chatter group and on instagram

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