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Woven Wrap Review - Woven Wings, Floral Triangles

When I saw Woven Wings asking for testers for their wraps I jumped at the chance! It is always fun trying out wraps and seeing and feeling the different qualities. I also happen to own a few Woven Wings myself so am a bit of a fan!

So I filled out the form and then entirely forgot about it. That was until a message came through to say I had been selected YAY!!

Less than 2 weeks later the wrap arrived! I was excited to see which one had been sent as Woven Wings send out a variety of testers of new blends and new designs some of which have been seen on the All Things Woven Wings board and some which haven't.

The Floral Triangles tester is one which is quite different to most Woven Wings geometrical symmetrical repeating patterns. Whilst still having some geometrical elements. They aren't know for using floral designs. The blend is 91% Egyptian cotton and 9% ethical Merino, although from how the wrap feels you wouldn't immediately be able to tell it has any wool content at all.

It was very dense and weighty in the hand, I have no idea of the gsm as we do not have any scales in our house to calculate this.

It is not fully broken in by any means so I am sure will soften up lovely on its travels. We did spend a few evenings with it on the sofa braiding it to help it soften up and it definitely did help.

It absolutely nailed a reinforced ruck and a kangaroo with Jude who is 14m, I liked tying it knotless as I found it quite bulky in a knot or a candy cane chest belt, it was also quite grippy so didn't budge once in place! I expect as it becomes softer it won't be quite as grippy.

Woven Wings are Christina and Sarah, both babywearers first, and are trained carrying consultants too. Their website is stunning, much like their woven wraps, They are very much high end and state on their website:

"From the outset, we have worked in partnership with one of the UK's only high-end luxury fashion mills. With a long-standing heritage in the weaving industry creating refined bespoke fabrics, we are proud to say that this partnership is a pillar of what makes Woven Wings truly luxuriant and unique."

Floral Triangles exudes high end. The quality of the woven fabric to

the detail of the design and the finishing of the hem and labelling.

Whilst the colour way isn't usually my cup of tea monochrome is hugely popular. and it makes for a stunning contrast between the sides,

Whilst the wrap was visiting, Katherine and I had an "Introduction to Woven Wraps" workshop, the Floral Triangles came along to join in, it is great to show people the huge variety of wraps on the market.

Many felt the it had a retro element to it with the floral and geometric elements going on,

As it is an unreleased prototype there are no details of prices etc however similar blends recently released were priced as follows:

Size 3 = £255.00, Size 4 = £265.00, Size 5 = £275.00, Size 6 = £285.00, Size 7 = £305.00, Size 8 = £325.00

You can find them on Facebook, with their page and chatter group and their website

Many wrap brands will be at "The Wrap Show" in London in May 2017 so definitely worth a visit to take a look, speak to the people behind the companies and there are lots of fab workshops and sessions to attend too! See facebook or their website for details.

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