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As featured on....NetDoctor

Here is a link to a piece I have written for Netdoctor

The email reply to my article was "Wow you have far exceeded our expectations!"

I am so glad to have been able to share information on carrying and the why and how it is so impactful to a mainstream website that gets huge traffic.

To read it here.

Zoe is a trained and insured carrying consultant, based in the Surrey Hills, Supporting you to carry safely, comfortably and confidently. Sharing the science behind carrying, supporting infant development and parents/carers mental and physical health.

For more on the science see other blog posts or instagram.

Zoe is available for consultations both in person and online to help you get carrying and runs workshops for professionals on infant carrying and the science behind it.

You can book online.

She writes and speaks on attachment, trauma, adverse childhood experiences and how carrying can be a prevention and intervention.

Has my work helped you? You can if you wish donate to me here

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