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Image of a women carrying a baby in a sling on her front. She is white, with blonde bobbed hair and wearing sunglasses

Are you stuck in the house, scared to go out as your baby cries in the buggy or the car seat?

Are you using a sling/carrer but are worried it is not safe?

Are you getting in knots trying to figure out tying it or getting it on?

Are you getting pains or aches from carrying your child?

Are you frustrated that your baby cries every time you try to put them down when they are fast sleep on you?

Are you finding becoming a parent hugely overwhelming and doubting every decision?

These are all normal feelings and slings/carriers can be a hugely empowering way of meeting your child's needs as well as your own at the same time.

You can have your hands free if you need them: 

to make yourself some food, or a drink

to go to the loo,

to walk the dog,

to hold your older child's hand whilst walking to school

to play with your toddler

to get your toddler dressed

to reach the remote 

to do what you need to do without having to put your baby down.


Because your baby needs contact, touch, warmth, and connection to thrive as much as they need milk or oxygen.

For them to know they are safe means to be in contact with you or another person. Your baby needs you, we are stronger and thrive when we are together. Does this make it easy? Hell no. But knowing what you are doing is crucial to their growing brain helps to understand why your baby behaves the way they do. A sling/carrier is just a tool that enables you to be responsive to their needs. 

A baby's brain is very primitive and yet their connections are developing billions a day. If you are meeting their basic needs, which includes touch, their brain can work on these connections which are the foundations of their brain. This impacts their life long physical and mental health.  

Through the interactions with hormones and many systems in our bodies it helps shape your brain as a parent too. It gives them you and it gives you so much too. 


Separate - survive, together - thrive. 

The Sling Consultancy was founded in 2016. 

Zoe is a trained and insured consultant offering support on all aspects of carrying and sling use in and around the Surrey Hills area.

She is a Carrying Expert for The Luna Hive.

Zoe also works with brands to ensure promotional material meets safe standards including photography, videos, leaflets and social media. She has written articles for Juno Magazine on the importance of carrying as a support to brain development and toddler carrying. 

Zoe developed the Babywearing resources for Komu Baby postnatal digital kit, this is a fantastic resource for new parents on all aspects of life postnatally covering the first 6 months. Including mental health, fitness, pelvic floor, infant feeding, carrying your baby, sleep and so much more. It is super easy to sign up and all the resources are online for you to access when you need. Here is my affiliate link.  

To learn more about Zoe see the about me page.  She has written for Juno Magazine on adverse childhood experiences, attachment and carrying, published in their Early Spring 2019 issue. as well as on carrying older children in Autumn 2016 on the carrying your child page.   


See what we get up to via our Instagram feed.

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