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As featured on.......Epsom & Ewell Families

I was super chuffed to be tagged on Instagram in a post written by a lovely client for the Epsom and Ewell Families website.

Here is the link to the post

My second child Elliott was born in late February this year. Unfortunately he was born with reflux leaving him unsettled throughout the day. I really struggled to get chores done, get my 4 year old ready for nursery, go to the loo even.

I decided I needed a sling that ticked all the boxes:

Keeping him upright, keeping him close, and allowing me to get on with caring for my other child.

I frantically looked through the websites of various retailers and browsed the forums for mums. It was a minefield. There were cotton wraps, buckle ups, slings with seats…..I was confused and a little overwhelmed.

Then a dear friend of mine who lives in Tunbridge Wells recommended visiting a sling library or a sling consultant. (Both of which I’d never encountered) After researching on Epsom and Ewell Families a lovely respondent suggested I make an appointment with Zoe Woodman from The Sling Consultancy. The Sling Consultancy is based in Dorking and is a small business run solely by Zoe, who is a sling consultant and works alongside the NCT branch in Dorking and visits you in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

We arranged for her to come over for 1hr and 30 mins while Harry was at nursery and Zoe brought round a large selection of slings for me to try with Elliott. Zoe asked me exactly what I wanted from the Sling and demonstrated various slings which fulfilled my needs.

At the end of the session you are given the opportunity to borrow your chosen sling for 4 weeks free of charge so you can really practice and become familiar with your chosen sling. After the four weeks you can return the sling and take advantage of the various discounts Zoe has to offer on purchasing your chosen sling or you can continue to hire the sling via the NCT Dorking branch for 3 months at the bargain price of £20.

The Sling Consultancy is something I wish I knew about with my first son. The convenience of Zoe coming to your home is so helpful especially during the early weeks of relentless feeding and nappy changes. A definite game changer for any new mum.


I honestly couldn’t recommend a sling library enough.

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