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Money Talk

I offer paid for support along side the many hours I spend volunteering for Dorking NCT (since setting up the library in 2012) and going to various settings to promote carrying and sling use.

It may seem like a lot of money after all a sling will only cost a little bit more than my time right?!

So what do you get when I support you?

⭐️ You will get a period that you decide (30mins up to 2hrs or more if needed) of my focused attention, dedicated to just you, your baby and your needs and requirements

⭐️ You have access to all my knowledge my training, and experience from over 10 years of carrying my 3 children, 8 years running a sling library, and nearly 3 years as a Consultant

⭐️ I am insured to provide these services and I can work outside manufacturer guidelines and those with special circumstances

⭐️ I have had 2 articles featured in Juno Magazine

⭐️ I attend regular continuous professional development to stay up to date in practice, theory and in the industry by constantly networking with other consultants, sling libraries and brands.

See it as an investment in parenthood, in you, in your child and in their brain development, in their future.

♥️ To empower you to be able to meet their needs through touch and

oxytocin and meet your own needs by having your hands free.

♥️ To support your mental health through activating hormones and enabling freedom

♥️ To support your postnatal recovery by carrying close to your body allowing your body to adjust post birth to the rapid changes.

I hear often that carrying isn’t comfy - often this is due to poor fit not all carriers/slings fit everyone. Sometimes adjustments are possible and my first port of call is to try and optimise what you have already.

However other carriers/slings may be a better fit and why I bring a selection with me for you to look at and try on with the weighted demo dolls I have so you can build confidence before trying with your child.

You can hire if you want to try before you buy, for just £8 for 2 weeks. Or for free if your baby is under 6 wks (certain slings/carriers).

This is helpful so you can explore the options and make the right choice for you and your child.

I can come to you in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. It can be a vulnerable time post birth and you may not want to leave the house as you adjust to parenthood.

I spend time responding to your messages before we meet to discuss your needs and after our consultation I spend time sending you a detailed email with various links depending on your needs.

I offer free follow up by email so you can ask me any questions or if you want to check the fit or need any tips I can help with.

It may well save you money in the long run by avoiding buying carriers/slings which aren’t “the one” for you.

I have access to discount codes from various retailers and manufacturers directly supporting sling businesses and their families.

The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best FOR YOU! It may cost around £150 however there are many amazing alternatives for far less, costing between £50-90.

90 mins can sound like a long time but in reality this gives us enough time together for it not to be rushed and to allow time for feeding or breaks etc

We will likely chat about sleep and normal infant behaviour and why baby behaves the way they do and how you can support their development.

Once we understand why often things feels easier.

My services start at £15 for 30mins if you feel that is time enough to meet your needs.

Again another way to access me is at a Dorking NCT sling library sessions twice a month. Anyone can attend, it is run on a drop in basis and we ask for a donation if you come with your own sling/carrier or you can hire from us. We have limited time and can show only what we hold in the library and are restricted to manufacturers guidelines.

There are options to suit all of you have any questions I’m happy to help

You can compare my services and option here:

Thanks to Jo Carry My Baby for the inspiration for this post

Zoë x

Zoe is a trained and insured carrying consultant, based in the Surrey Hills, Supporting you to carry safely, comfortably and confidently. Sharing the science behind carrying, supporting infant development and parents/carers mental and physical health.

For more on the science see other blog posts or instagram.

Zoe is available for consultations both in person and online to help you get carrying and runs workshops for professionals on infant carrying and the science behind it.

You can book online.

She writes and speaks on attachment, trauma, adverse childhood experiences and how carrying can be a prevention and intervention.

Has my work helped you? You can if you wish donate to me here

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