• Zoe

What is a Sling?

So to start at the beginning, what is a sling?

Well, there really isn't any industry standard with regards to the terminology used. I tend to use the term sling or carrier interchangeably.

The way I use the term is to describe anything that helps you to carry your child in a supported way.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary

Sling in the context of a noun:

1A flexible strap or belt used in the form of a loop to support or raise a hanging weight.

‘the horse had to be supported by a sling fixed to the roof’

1.1 A bandage or soft strap looped round the neck to support an injured arm. ‘she had her arm in a sling’

1.2 A pouch or frame for carrying a baby, supported by a strap round the neck or shoulders. ‘a baby sling’

1.3 A short length of rope used to provide additional support for the body in abseiling or climbing.

So what is it?

A tool

A hug

A pair of hands

A break

A home

A safe place

A container

A nap

A rest

A walk

A support

A cure

A prevention

A safety net

A hot cup of tea

A snack or meal

A time for self care

A simple piece of cloth

A woven wrap

A buckle carrier

A ring sling

A hip seat

A scarf

A homeostasis regulator

A brain developer

A way of life

A memory

A relationship

A business

A community

It is also

A way to learn

A way to bond

A way to communicate

A way to connect

A way to understand

A way to explore

A way to develop

A way to survive

A way to travel

A way to stay warm

A way to stay safe

A way to meet the child's needs

A way to meet your needs

A way to meet others needs

A way to get the shopping done without them climbing out of the trolley

A way to hold your older children's hands whilst giving the baby what they need too

A sling can be so many things...what does it mean to you?

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